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ArcSoft Portrait Plus 300402 Portable [Updated]




Make sure to have the latest version. New versions of the following softwares from ArcSoft have been released since the issue of this tip was published: ArcSoft PhotoFix (, Adobe Photoshop Elements (, Fotoxx ( For older versions of ArcSoft PhotoFix and PhotoAlign (before 2007), see How to fix bad portraits (ArcSoft PhotoFix) or how to fix uneven exposure (PhotoAlign). How to correct light skin in the photos Light skin tones can cause the image to appear washed out, due to the effect of the lens. To correct light skin tones, use the "flattening" tab. When you flatten the image, the shadows will become more contrasty, and the image will appear much more balanced. More info: * The following steps explain how to correct the light skin tones in the image. Steps: 1. Open the image in Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements). 2. Use the _Auto Levels_ tool, Ctrl+Shift+L. You will see the histogram appear in the bottom-right corner of the image. 3. The histogram represents the tonal range in an image. The value of the image will be indicated by the height of the histogram bar. The higher the bar, the darker the image, or the more exposed it is. The shorter the bar, the lighter the image, or the less exposed it is. You will see a histogram bar in the image below. 4. In this case, the image is overexposed. The bar is very short and is at the right side of the histogram. To correct it, move the slider to the left (or the right) in the following steps: * Click the little triangle to the right of the slider. The triangle turns into an arrow and indicates the direction of movement for the slider. * Drag the slider to the left. As the slider is dragged, the histogram bar moves in the opposite direction. In this case, the bar will move towards the right. You will see the bar becoming longer as it gets darker. As the bar gets longer, the image gets darker. * When the histogram bar is the right position, the image is balanced. The bar is at the center




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ArcSoft Portrait Plus 300402 Portable [Updated]

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